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Create healthy habits in 2014!

If you are feeling bloated from all the holiday food and really wanting to make a true lifestyle change for 2014, message me for info on our "6 weeks to wellness" private Facebook group ( starts Jan 5th.)

This is not a weight loss program, but a WELLNESS program, incorporating easy detox, 3 healthy new recipes/week, the very popular "15 minutes to fitness" program and so much more! This 6 week program is CHANGING LIFESTYLES easily. We incorporate whole food in a smoothie and in capsules or gummies. It is the only nutraceutical in the world with 31 published clinical studies in top medical, nutrition and sports journals like the JACC, JN and ACSM.
Save $$$ by ordering on or before Dec 31!!! And all the HEALTH COACHING IS FREE.

So if you would like to have more energy, to sleep better, have better skin, hair, nails, and decrease your risk of disease, all the while, getting to your healthiest weight, email me. You will be forever happy you did.


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